Oct 4

I’m so excited
Maybe two or so months and it’s nearly the end of the Moonless Age
The upcoming time shift and the intrigue in the new chapter have me just dying
I can’t wait
Faen is looking so much better too
Now if only they could do something for my bby Naal’suul and the Val’Sharess. I hope the latter manages to do the big reveal and win back her throne or something. I know there are like 6 other people I’m forgetting, but keeping up with everyone after this long and with so much info to remember is suffering. Oh! but there’s Mel. I hope she drops her stupid lying bitch girlfriend. I mean seriously. It’ll only hurt more if she finds out the truth before a break up rather than after. She doesn’t deserve any more crap or lies, not even the self-perpetuated ones. And there’s the Sharess’ body. I have no clue anymore what’s going to happen there at this point.

I bet it’ll be good !
Goodness I’m just ecstatic.